Why Donate to MFD

We believe that America is at a major crossroads in history. It's time to take our country back from the culture of cynical and divisive politics, and transform business as usual in Washington. Music for Democracy will only be able to achieve these lofty goals with the support of people like you. We believe that the tools of the digital age have enormously empowered individuals and grassroots organizations like MFD to make a decisive difference on a national -- and global -- scale. For too long, politics has been the exclusive domain of the wealthy, the well-connected, and the powerful. Now, with strategic use of technology like the Internet, social networks, viral videos and other hands-on media -- plus on-the-ground organizing and education -- we can amplify the power of voters like you to help regain control of our government, steer the nation in a more positive direction, and heal our democracy.

We believe that music offers a unique cultural leverage-point for our organization to effect positive change. For young people, music is a galvanizing force of community and optimism as it brings the un-spun news from the streets. For voters of all ages, music provides a meeting ground where cultural differences pale in the light of shared joy and a common purpose. In many ways, musicians are the cultural leaders of our day, but they are rarely provided with an appropriate forum to share information with their fans about the crucial issues that our country is facing. MFD is committed to building that forum. We believe that the future of politics is individuals like you empowered by organizations like MFD. We keep our overhead low and our work ethic high so that we're worthy of your hard-earned support.

Donate to Music for Democracy

Personal checks can be mailed to:

Music for Democracy
PO BOX 55623
Trenton, NJ 08638

Please print and include our donation form with your check. Thank you.