MFD Interview with Michael Franti

Music for Democracy interviews Michael Franti of Spearhead at the 2008 All Good Music Festival.


MFD Interview with Mark Begich

Mark Begich is running for the Senate in Alaska. Mayor of Anchorage, and the first mayor born in the city, Begich talks about the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles and raising a family.


MFD Interview with Tao Rodriguez Seeger

Musician Tao Rodriguez Seeger is the eldest grandchild of Pete and Toshi (née Toshi-Aline Ohta) Seeger, and the son of Mika Seeger and Puerto Rican filmmaker Emilio Rodriguez. Rodriguez-Seeger sings in English and Spanish, composes, and plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica.


MFD Interview with Mike Gordon

Music for Democracy talks to Mike Gordon of Phish at the 2008 All Good Music Festival about Obama, Bernie Sanders, and making your own decisions.


MFD Interview with John Medeski, Oliver Wood & Chris Wood

Music for Democracy talks with John Medeski, Oliver Wood, and Chris Wood about politics, issues, and why they are voting for Barack Obama.


MFD Interview with Tom Wyka

Tom Wyka is running for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. He is an activist and a DFA group leader in Morris County, where he is challenging a 14 year incumbent for the second time.


MFD Interview with John Leopold

John Leopold is running for 1st District County Supervisor in California's Santa Cruz county. Music for Democracy's Steve Silberman speaks with him.


MFD Interview with Scott Kleeb

Sara from the band Night Gallery interviews Nebraska Democratic Senate candidate Scott Kleeb about change, music, and experience.


MFD Interview with Los Lobos' Steve Berlin

For more than 25 years, Los Lobos has been one of the most creative, dynamic, and daring bands in the American landscape. Music for Democracy's Steve Silberman spoke with Los Lobos' Steve Berlin on a break from the band's Brotherhood tour with Los Lonely Boys.


MFD Interview with Howard Dean

Music for Democracy Interviews Howard Dean.

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