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Hip Hop for Obama

Music for Democracy hosted an Obama supporting event at the mansion of renowned filmmaker Tyler Perry featuring an array of hip-hop stars, celebrities, and African-American leaders of the Atlanta community.


Respect My Vote: T.I. is a Georgia Voter

Hip Hop Artist T.I. casts his early vote in Georgia today

Musicians Take the Stump to the Stage for Obama

Musicians Take the Stump to the Stage for Obama

Guitars for Democracy: San Rafael, CA

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
San Rafael, California
1408 Mission Ave
San Rafael, CA 94901

Doors 6:30 pm
Show 7:00 pm

A Quick Biography of Barack Obama

Jeffrey Lewis delves into his interpretation of Obama's biography!

Swing Out for the Swing Vote: Brooklyn

Monday, October 20th
8:30pm – 1:00am
484 Union Ave
Brooklyn, NY (Near Subways L & G)

Music for Democracy Benefit: Oakland

“I know that we can make it, I know that we can!” Alan Toussaint’s words are ringing from the rafters here in Oakland, and we all know it. Hell, if Maria Muldaur knows it and can sing it like she did tonight, then I don’t even need to know anything myself. I’ll just take her wor d for it. She has me from the first note, and the music is just getting started. The emcee is as loud, and funny, and she says what everyone is feeling: this is it. This election has to go our way. Every once in awhile in this business, it feels like the world is depending on a gig. Tonight, though, in this tiny theater, there’s reason to believe that it actually does.

An Interview with Ted Leo: Providing Post-RNC Rx

Things that have dropped off the radar since the RNC:

1. "Barack Obama is Just a Community Organizer" (due to counter-point: "So was Jesus")
2. Possibly John McCain (see: Obama debates... Obama?)
3. Any coverage of the police brutality against journalists and protesters who were raided, some arrested and prevented from protesting the RNC

These items haven't gone unheard, however, with Ted Leo, singer and songwriter currently known for his work with band the Pharmacists. Especially not #3.

We Can't Make It Here - James McMurtry

In light of current economic failure and the impending federal bailout, I would suggest an analysis of the song We Can't Make it Here by James McMurtry. McMurtry continues the long tradition of balladeers who utilize the medium of music to demand accountability and force the listener to examine the world. Songs like Cheney's Toy and Ruby Carlos offer a searing account of the United State under the George W. Bush regime.

Politicians Have Some Trouble With Musicians

John McCain and others are rebuffed by notable musicians.

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