MFD Interview with Mark Begich

Mark Begich is running for the Senate in Alaska. Mayor of Anchorage, and the first mayor born in the city, Begich talks about the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles and raising a family.


MFD Interview with Chris Kelly

MFD interview with California Attorney General candidate Chris Kelly


MFD Interview with Tom Wyka

Tom Wyka is running for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. He is an activist and a DFA group leader in Morris County, where he is challenging a 14 year incumbent for the second time.


MFD Interview with John Leopold

John Leopold is running for 1st District County Supervisor in California's Santa Cruz county. Music for Democracy's Steve Silberman speaks with him.


MFD Interview with Scott Kleeb

Sara from the band Night Gallery interviews Nebraska Democratic Senate candidate Scott Kleeb about change, music, and experience.


MFD Interview with Don Calloway

Democrat Don Calloway is running to represent the 71st District in the Missouri State House of Representatives. He was born and raised in St. Louis County.

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